2013 in review

Here we are, on the eve of yet another New Year. 2014 starts tomorrow, and with it a new set of gym memberships which will be wasted! Speaking of which, Horizon have started SMS spamming me again, ugh.

Here's a quick summary of what happened this year here on MM:


The ROP had a draught of Liquor licenses, which was fixed in February.
Muscat festival started
MM hit 1 million hits!
I shared my experience of having a baby at Starcare
I wrote about the secret Audi test track near Adam


The Tour of Oman happened
Local bloggers set a world record for the coldest tweet up
A PIA aircraft broke its landing gear at the Muscat Airport runway


I shared a total store listing for Salalah gardens mall before it opened
That 16 year old kid kidnapped himself from lulu's in wadi kabir
I wrote about parking in Muscat
Earth Hour happened


Justin Bieber was coming to Muscat
He cancelled
There was a big water shortage in and around Seeb
I first wrote about Petrol prices in Oman, and how I think they are going to rise soon
I wrote about a fantastic gift service called Babycakes
Debasish Mitra, the Op Ed at ToO wrote about Andy in Oman


The weekends changed
The new red light cameras started popping up everywhere
Canada and the UAE kissed and made up
I wrote about SBG's MAN truck parts not being strictly genuine


Dhofari Gucci wrote that hilarious letter to Oman Air
Oman Air staff went on strike
MGM got a walking circuit


I got to play with an AMG A class
Canada Day happened
I found the best Vimto Pyramid in Muscat
I wrote about UKTV


Eid happened
Ministry of Tourism stopped all live bands


I first wrote about Feenys bar being in trouble
I wrote about the parking lot car washing guys
The Week, and "That front page story"


Eid happened
I shared some interesting photos of Oman in the 50's from Salim al Harthy's blog


I ranted about traffic safety in Oman
The Red Arrows came
I wrote about parking at the airport


I shared my festive season events roundup
I wrote about Rosie Gabrielle's amazing photography skills and services
The MAN parts case concluded
I posted my predictions for holidays in Oman for 2014

Thats it for this year, have fun tonight whatever it is you're doing. Best of luck for the next 365 days, I hope they're great.

le fin.
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