16 Year old boy missing from Lulu's in Wadi Kabir

This is a story that I picked up from Muscat Daily yesterday, in a nut shell he is called Noel Abraham, 16 years old, and stayed in his parents car studying while they shopped at Lulu's. Some time around 10:30 on Friday night it looks like he was pulled out of the car based on the debris on the ground around the car.

ROP came to the scene but no happy ending yet, the kid is still missing.

It's sometimes easy to forget that crime does happen here, albeit no where near as much as takes place in other countries, but, it's still an ugly reality.

I hope the kid is found safe. Edit: Apparently he was found last night with his hands tied behind LuLu's in Wadi Kabir.... no word yet on who actually did it though. He has been admitted to hospital.

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  1. Actually he's been found: https://www.facebook.com/YouthIndiaOman

  2. Found lying near the tower on the mountain behind the hypermarket where he was abducted with his hands and legs tied with a rope. Now, he is recovering with no much big injuries seen on his body

  3. This follows the foiled kidnapping of a 12 year old girl - http://www.muscatdaily.com/Archive/Oman/12-year-old-schoolgirl-escapes-from-kidnappers-in-Muscat-23dm

  4. http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/oman/indian-schoolboy-who-went-missing-in-muscat-found-1.1156177 you can read more about it here..

  5. Inshallah he will be ok and will recover fast.

  6. http://www.timesofoman.com/News/Article-10557.aspx

  7. He's been found. Have a look at following link


  8. Thank God that the kid is safe. But it is indeed sad to see humans doing these kind of things to their fellow beings. After all we all are made with the same flesh, bone and blood; and of course in the same form and image.

    To ensure the prevention of such deliberate ill-treatment of humans, we should act as follows and more:

    1. First of all, government both local and international should take responsibility to ensure the safety of expatriates while they are here far from their home land.

    2. Law should bring out more stringent steps and extreme punishments for such acts committed towards human being without any bias.

    3. The culprits should be exposed so that people at large are aware of them in order to prevent more innocent people fall prey at their hands while they move openly in the daylight disguised as a good fellow being.

    4. Media should be more bold to express their findings without suppressing the actual facts, which will ensure that corrective steps to be taken.

  9. http://www.muscatdaily.com/Archive/Oman/Schoolboy-faked-his-kidnapping-says-Royal-Oman-Police-official-23r1

    The latest news on this case is that the boy lied - he faked his own kidnapping to avoid his exams. Good grief!

  10. Apparently there is some controversy surrounding this- the ROP says the child had faked the whole episode, the boy now being in the ROP hospital under police custody. Apparently the ROP has tried to coax the parents into signing a statement which saying the parents scared the bejesus out of the child in regard to the exams.

    Alternatively there is another (unsubstantiated but likely true) story coming out that someone really wants to hush this up - maybe because of the 'kidnappers' involved having highly placed friends or just to decrease the current bad publicity the city is getting from all the kidnappings. One place where even time cannot tell what may have really happened !


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