The new red light cameras

It seems in the last week or so the red light cameras that popped up all over town lately got switched on. And with that has come some controversy regarding them... there's no clear (in the English press anyway) ruling on why the cameras flash.

After investigating a little more it apparently has not been clearly explained in the Arabic press either.

So here's the results of my brief research on this so far:

The cameras flash for people running red lights, as well as flash for people speeding in the intersection.

There's rumours that the camera's are set to flash if you exceed 40 KM/h in the intersection (regardless of the posted speed limit) - however I've driven through some at 50 and not been flashed so perhaps the other rumour I've heard on this, that the cameras are set to go off if you are 1 KM/h over the posted speed limit, is true.

There is also no clear indication of what sort of fine you face for running a red light / speeding in an intersection. Previously, if you were pulled over by an ROP officer for running a red light then you would be spending a couple of nights in jail - but now that things have moved to a photo-radar enforced system for red lights, it's unclear if people are expected to go to jail for running a red, or just pay a fine..... otherwise Mulkia renewal time could mean a mini-break in a lock up...

Plus there is the confusion on what a yellow light means. In Canada a yellow light (which is solid, not flashing) means stop if you can before the stop line, if not, proceed carefully - eg if you are doing 80 KM/h and the light goes yellow right before you enter the intersection, you should proceed rather than skid to a halt inside the intersection. A flashing yellow light at an intersection in Canada means to proceed with caution and treat it like a 4-way stop. A yellow light in the UK means stop if you can before the stop line, if not, proceed carefully (just like a solid Canadian yellow light), a solid red and yellow light means stop before the line and don't proceed until green. So as a holder of a Canadian driving license, which was used to grant me an Omani license, I assumed that a flashing yellow light means proceed if clear, when in practice I treat it like a solid yellow - stop if you can or if not proceed carefully.

But I've known people to be pulled over by the ROP for driving through a yellow light here - and of course the total lack of any clear information on this matter just further clouds things. I wonder if we'll ever get a clear and concise ruling from the authorities for these traffic cameras - or I guess most of us will be staying in jails come renewals time....

le fin.

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  1. Ive been stopped for going through yellow - and was told by the camo colored copper that anything but "GREEN" you MUST stop and not go trough...

    I think its better to side on the side of caution....

    Not sure whats going on ref speed as if its green in a 80kph limit why should you go through at 40kph if its safe to travel at 80kph?... especially if the lights have just gone green and you are still travelling at 80Kph...

    if there is a "speed limit" through intersections I had no idea, and suspect that 99% of the rest of persons here are in the same position.

  2. I got flashed by the one in Mutrah about 3 weeks ago when I accidently went through a red. Kept checking and checking the online fines to see if anything appeared but nothing.
    I was wondering when they police would come knocking at the door to take me in for 48 hours....

  3. I went through a yellow, because all I thought was one can still go through until it turns red. So yes got flashed and am dreading the outcome.

  4. I guess is one of those things that has been done and then they will figure out how to use it best. It might take a few months or more and some protests appealing the excessive punishments, to align things to a more fair system.

  5. Desperate Dan's Cow PieMay 27, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    Stopping on yellow will involve a shitty little Echo taxi engaging with your rear bumper! I have been through on yellow a few times - so that's me up the proverbial :(

  6. The lack of information about the working and regulations regarding these new cameras fits the act first, think later mentality here :D

  7. It's actually quite easy.

    The green lamp starts flashing when it is close to the end, so if you are not already going through the lights as the green flashes you need to start slowing down as you approach the lights, using your brakes so the Echo taxi works out you are stopping as well.

    That means you DONT accelerate through the lights. It means you SLOW for the light changes. Don't be a twit and get flashed for exceeding the speed limit because you accelerated through the lights, and quit your bitching.

    Yellow is a transition where if you are already in the junction you can move through.

    If the junction is blocked, then don't be a twit and go, and quit your bitching when the camera flashes you for being in the junction when your light is red.

    I personally welcome these changes having seen a number of crashes when someone is pre-empting the red-green change whilst someone else is accelerating through to beat the red.

    Additionally, if the junction is blocked and enough people start getting fined for being in the junction on red, then shock horror maybe some of the gridlocks we get during eg festivals at junctions where everyone just says "sod you" and goes through the junction anyway, will stop.

    So a great big HOORAY from me for these cameras -I think they rock!

  8. Wouldn't it be sensible to replace all these four way traffic light junctions with roundabouts and traffic lights that work at PEAK TIMES only??? (Another brilliant British invention)
    But wait, they've just spent the last few years ripping up all the roundabouts....

  9. More roundabouts? Are you insane?!?!?

    Roundabouts are beyond the basic comprehension of the drivers in Oman. Brits included!

    They are probably one of the inventions that the Empire ever came up with. Why, oh why, are they being forced upon other societies?

    Here's a possible solution for you. Why don't they install traffic sensor loops and base the timing of the signal light on them. If one direction has no traffic then it doesn't get a green light. That will relieve the majority of the congestion problems.

    I wouldn't dare suggest that in addition to the traffic sensor loops that opposing traffic should also be allowed at the same time as that would just guarantee carnage. Considering the inept driving skills that are rampant here it is best that only one direction of travel be allowed at a time.

  10. Just to clarify, that should have read:

    They are probably one of the WORST inventions that the Empire ever came up with.

  11. it should not flash you if the light is yellow. nowhere in the world is it a violation to cross on a yellow if safe to do so and your exit is clear. i saw a taxi collide with a woman who stopped on a yellow today. so to the idiot anon above..i hope the same thing happens to you, you pansy

  12. I got flashed in MQ when the filter left light was red but the straight aheads were green. I was in the filter left lane (which is also a straight ahead lane) which was clear and I was amazed to get a flash. Wonder how that one works?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I Had similar story when passing through muttrah traffic lights, crossing the pedestrians lights (not sure wether it was red or orange, but the road was empty),camera didn't flash, do you think i violated anything?

  15. anon 2nd from top....

    any update? did it appear in the online traffic violation inquiry page?

  16. Today on signal at ghubra near al maha international hotel signal going from 18th november towards ghubra r/a, the camera flashed at me and a car infron of me on signal even signal was green. I was suprised. Is it due to speed? as the road was empty and signal was green, so i was over 60 for sure.

  17. yes, they are also speed cameras.

  18. i was crossed in yellow signal, that time my speed is 80, that time i got flash. this is flash for speed or signal??

  19. Guys who got a flash and didn't got it listed in fine system for some days.... anon 2nd and 3rd from top...what happened in your case?

  20. By mistake I have crossed the red signal at Gubra with an assumption that the lane is free right and camera flashed.... please help as to how to resolve the issue... I heard that there is imprisonment also .... please advise ....

  21. hi guys....people on this ofrum who got flashed at yellow/red... what haoppened ??? has police called u???

    In ruwi at rush hours i got flashed.
    I couldnt even see the traffic light coz I was way pass the light and was int he middle of the junction. but as soon as traffic moved and so did i..... i got a flash....iam really scared....

  22. I couldn't see the traffic light and cross signal which was blinking yellow at ruwi round about.

    What going to happen ? :(

  23. What happened to the person who crossed red light in ghubra.pls can u tell as obe of my friend jumped red light by mistake at 22 pm 8n the night.

  24. Please can anybody tell me the fines by rop if we jumped redlight by mistakein the midfle of the night.we were not speeding also.we were flashed by cameras.scared...pls anybody can state their experience.

  25. last morning I was faced to the same situation. While I am little speedy cross the light inability to control. Camera was twice flashed. today i sell the car. I was ready to be for 2 days behind the bars. but thanks Allah there were no fine. thanks Allah god

  26. At barka signals i crossed the red light may be ... and I was go ahead on my way that time not available any vhical on that way ..... I don't camera was flashe or not ... there is available cameras (barka signals) ?? If anybody knowing pls give me repky


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