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Muscat Mutterings has grown since 2009 to become one of the most-read English language blogs in Oman.

Advertising is split into 2 simple options:

1. Is the exclusive banner advertisement space which is on the top right of this blog - I currently only deal with 1 advertiser at a time, so there are no competing ads on the blog at any 1 time. The rates for this are negotiable - get in touch if you're interested.

2. A written article on a particular service/product and posted via the blog - this is very handy for getting high Google Search results due to my regular appearance at the top of searches for things that include "Muscat" or "Oman". The rates for these are simply RO 10 per sponsored post.

If you are interested in advertising please do get in touch with me by email: mrsythe [at] gmail.com
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Anonymous said...

I have a question that maybe someone could please help me with.
I am an expat in Oman and unfortunately had to go through the process of entering a labour case with my employer.
The case was registered prior to the controversy surrounding visas and NOC. I joined this company with an NOC.
Will this scenario be treated as an isolated case or will the new ruling surrounding the 24 month ban be enforced when the case is finalized?

ma victoria banzon said...

Is there any new rules in oman about VISIT VISA?
what are the legal requirements?

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