Dhofari Gucci writes to Oman Air

In what has to be the best open-letter blog post in years, Dhofari Gucci has written to the CEO of Oman Air, Wayne Pearce, after poor treatment by Oman Air lately.

It is well worth reading, and there have been a number of comments on it already.

Go read it now!

I personally fly to Salalah every month and so far have not really had much to grumble about except for the chronic shortage of parking available at the airport, and the usual 30-minute delay before take off. The Oman Air lounge in Salalah has recently been renovated and now it's actually pretty nice :)

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Way to go DG!!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Abdul Salam of Ajmal, wrote a letter of support to Dr P Mohamed ali, showing his support to the issue and wishing for justice here:http://supportdrpmohamedali.com/abdul-salam-sanils-support-dr-p-mohamed-ali-galfar/.

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