SBG caught selling fake MAN truck parts... apparently

So fresh off the rumour mill this Thursday afternoon is an amusing story regarding Saud Bahwan Groups' Arabian Engineering Services (the sole MAN trucks dealer in the Sultanate). Here's the story how I heard it:

A staff member at SBG found himself "let go" and sent back home to his home country after some apparent disagreements with his employers. This ex-staff member then returned to Oman and reported to the ROP a story that MAN trucks were selling duplicate parts and passing them off as genuine parts.

Apparently a warehouse in Barka was used to re-package the not-genuine parts into packaging indicating that the parts were indeed genuine. Once the re-packing had been completed, the parts were then shipped on for distribution amongst the MAN service centres.

A number of senior management at SBG have been guests of the ROP at 2 different police stations in the Capital area, for a week so far.

I've no idea if it's true, but I do know that 1 specific senior manager at SBG has been unavailable all of this week.

Naturally, as all of the newspapers in this town are heavily funded by automotive advertising dollars, I doubt we'll see this story turn up - but I'm told the situation is very real.

Rather amusing, especially when SBG played heavy handed tactics with Tariq al Kiyumi and his Genuine Toyota spare parts store in Wadi Kabir a few years ago - if you don't know the story, check out Other Oman's coverage of it, here. The cliff-notes of the story though, are these: Local guy opens up a store selling genuine Toyota parts for less than SBG. SBG buy the building he ran his shop from and kicked him out. Tariq opened a new store and carried on trading, SBG bought land next to his new store and built a new Toyota Parts shop. Nice.

Enjoy the weekend!

le fin.
SBG caught selling fake MAN truck parts... apparently SBG caught selling fake MAN truck parts... apparently Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, May 23, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Welcome to the double standards of the parts industry.
    On a personal note, I used to buy parts from SBG for my machinery and it always used to amaze me how they could give 50% discount.
    Now we know... Allegedly...

  2. did you hear about the big scam in the other bahwan company BEC as well?

    Apparently rumors have that some senior guy known for his aggressive trading lost millions in unauthorized trades and was moved out as a special advisor to the chairman and then kicked out

  3. Finally a story with some teeth from Sythe.
    Your blog has been dismal of late, with nothing but concert promotions and rugby fixtures. We can get all of that from "The Week" magazine.

    Do us all a favour and get back to blogging the way you used to a few years ago.
    You used to be awesome. Sadly, not any more.

    Muscat needs a hard-core blogger. Please change!


  4. It is true.

    Alot of expats escaped back to India and I wonder who at Bahwan will take the fall now?

  5. The question is if its happening in MAN parts it could be happening in all of the other franchise as well..but it's too late to react since they would cleaned up.


  6. Bahwan Group whether it is Suhail Bahwan or saud bahwan, just making people fool by their product monopoly. Even their employees are not happy with the management. We should try not to do business with Bahwan's.
    There are lots od frud going into these Group

  7. "A lot of expats escaped back to india with bare hands " The question is Who at Bahwan did take the profit. You are right, Expats come to this country for working and when they find that what they are doing is not ethical they will escape. No one will come to this country for merely doing fraud. They are being asked to execute the plot which is given by the mastermind. The mastermind earns the money and reputation while the poor expat will get caught and blamed.

  8. Nothing happens in Saud Bahwan without Mohammed Saud Bahwans concurrence. The general joke among Bahwan employees is that you cant even fart without Chairmans approval.

  9. It is unfortunate that the poor expats have been caught up in this mess as at the end it is the company that makes the profit. The expats have no power to get out of the situation and are easy target for the blame game given the fact that most of them do not know the language.
    If the alleged is true, the company head should come upfront and resolve the matter and relieve the poor chaps unnecessarily caught up in the crossfire.
    It has afterall the responsibility of its employees.

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