The secret Audi test track

Did you know that Audi has a secret test facility here in Oman? It's been here for years and years and is all very hush hush. It's probably the reason why you quite regularly see unreleased Audi's and sometimes VW model's here in Oman from time to time, because they are presumably conducting tests at their regional facility here in the Sultanate.

It's down past Adam, and you can look at it here on wikimapia. Its a large oval, but when you zoom in, you can see that they've made a track within the Oval as well. It certainly looks like a lot of fun.

The facility is secured and has it's own 24/7 security patrol, so don't think about heading down there to try your luck on their test track, you'll be met with chained fences and guards who won't let you in! Rumours around town are that some few lucky people get to go down every now and then, but not for most of us.

I know I'd sure like to have a go on the track with my car, or, you know, an R8........ each side of the Oval is like 5km long! :)

le fin.
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  1. Have known about this for a while but what's stupid about it is the fact that they don't open it up to the public.

    If anything, it can help get boyracers off the streets and into a controlled safe environment.

  2. They use it as a hot weather track - with their Stig staying in the Golden Tulip.
    Perhaps they now use the international airport at Adam to airfreight the cars in ;)

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