Saturday, April 06, 2013

Well it appears that while I was in a meeting this afternoon, His Majesty has announced that effective from May 1st (thats a Wednesday by the way) the Omani weekend will no longer be Thursday and Friday, but Friday and Saturday.

As if that wasn't enough, interestingly in the Arabic announcement, it was also stated that all future holidays will be announced jointly, meaning that the Public and Private sectors will get the same holidays.

No word yet if Thursday 2nd May will be given as a holiday or not.

Well, thats a pretty big announcement, now excuse me while I go and change my Eid vacation flights!

le fin.


Anonymous said...

Works for me!

News updates said...

check this out

Anonymous said...

But what about May 2 ? will it be a holiday?

Desert Leopard said...

Any employees previously with a Thu-Fri week-end who switch to Fri-Sat will have a six-day work week, 27th Apr to 2nd May. Since everyone by law must get two continuous days after every five days worked, they will need to be compensated for working on the sixth day. Employers will surely point out that the compensation is a day off, i.e. Sat 4th May. However, accepting such compensation is supposed to be voluntary, and employees can (probably) refuse to work on Thu, 2nd May unless they get a) some other day off, perhaps by adding a day to annual leave entitlements, or b) overtime pay for the day.

I hear Government departments are "resolving" this issue by just closing on 2nd May, i.e. they'll get a three day week-end. Some (small) private sector companies have indicated they'll do the same. Not sure what the big employers are planning to do. Each one seems to be waiting for someone else to take the lead, or for the Government to declare Thu 2nd May as a private sector holiday. Banks, presumably, will be excluded from this!

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