Justin Bieber in Oman is cancelled and show is moved to Dubai instead

The rumours have been floating around for weeks, but it's finally been confirmed: JB in Oman is cancelled has been moved to Dubai. Instead, the local promoters, Alive Events, have sold the rights for a second date in Dubai to the event organizers there, done events.

Done announced today that a second show is being put on at the 7s on the 5th May (following their already sold out gig on the 4th). Tickets are available now on http://www.justinbieberdubai.com and start at Dhs 350 a ticket.

I contacted Alive Events and asked what happens to peoples tickets here in Oman, and I've not yet received a response - but I imagine everyone will be refunded in full as the tickets are insured. Alive Events have stated: "All tickets will either have a full refund or they will be able to swap their Oman tickets for the Dubai show on May 5th so it is up to individuals what they want to do! If they would like a refund, they can go to Mackenzies cafe & deli between 9am and 6pm Sat to Wed to get one. If they want to exchange we are organizing tickets to come to Muscat so they can exchange for a valid ticket to the event in Dubai at the 7evens".

Given the mounting furore on various Arabic language blogs and forums against the Biebers visit to Oman, this seems like the best move for Alive Events given the less than stellar demand for tickets when they (finally) went on sale earlier this month. Apparently members of the Arabic blogosphere and forums felt that Biber would corrupt their women if he came here and various threats had been issued - so its probably for the best.

le fin.

Justin Bieber in Oman is cancelled and show is moved to Dubai instead Justin Bieber in Oman is cancelled and show is moved to Dubai instead Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, April 15, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. LOL, like any Omani woman over the age of 12 would be corrupted by Justin Bieber, lol.

    Sorry Bieber fans, seriously.

  2. His career's got 6 months! LoL

    At least he won\t be able to corrupt the Dubai crowd - they're already there!

  3. Noooooo :( :(
    We were all sooo exited about it!!
    Oman rarely gets anything soo big,so when we herd Justin Bieber was coming we were really really looking forward to it!!.No offence but I feel as if he ditched all the beliebers in Oman!!
    Anyways LOVE U JB!!! Hope you plan a show some other day in Oman!!
    <3 <3

  4. U can't say he "ditched" the belibers, cuz he was planning to throw up a concert in Oman before he got all the responses from others.
    Hope the beliebers in Oman wil find a way to one of ur concerts!!(I'm a beliber too)

  5. Not surprised he has cancelled after he's performance in the UK! Spoilt brat!

    Bring The Wurzels to muscat, show the multi nations real music!

  6. And good riddance to him! Keep walking Bleiber or whatever your name is!

  7. Atleast We got to see akon in oman so we dont need beiber cause only men handles oman

  8. That's very sad to hear. Probably happened after the dreadful turnout at the AKon show. The performance was awesome but hardly any folks maybe 1000 tickets sold,

    MUscat will not get top performers if we can't sell tickets and that's what the bieber story looks like , ALive can spin it anyway they like but that's the truth. Sad

  9. its simple...they couldnt sell all the tickets...so what to do??...fake an excuse to cancel the show..


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