Tour of Oman starts today

From today until the 16th of February, the 2013 instalment of the Tour of Oman is running around Muscat and surrounding areas. Its grown pretty big and now has 144 cyclists participating in the race from elite teams from all over the world. Most notably for Brits is that Wiggo (Sir Bradley Wiggins) is participating with his Sky Procycling team.

It all kicks off at noon today with Stage 1.

DAY : Monday February 11th
START : 12:00 hrs at Al Musannah
FINISH : between 15:51 and 16:14 hrs at Sultan Qaboos University
KM : 162km

Stage 2

DAY : Tuesday February 12th
START : Fanja in Bidbid at 12:20 hrs
FINISH : between 15:47 and 16:07 hrs at Al Bustan
KM : 146km

Stage 3

DAY : Wednesday February 13th
START : Nakhal Fort at 11:10 hrs
FINISH : between 15:48 and 16:17 hrs at Wadi Dayqah Dam
KM : 190km

Stage 4

DAY : Thursday February 14th
START : Al Saltiyah in Samail at 12:00 hrs
FINISH : between 15:43 and 16:06 hrs half way up Jabal Al Akhdhar
KM : 152.5km

Stage 5

DAY : Friday February 15th
START : at Al Alam Palace at 10:00 hrs
FINISH : between 13:26 and 13:47 at the Ministry of Housing in Boshar
KM : 144km

Stage 6

DAY : Saturday February 16th
START : Hawit Nagam Park at 11:40 hrs
FINISH : between 14:58 and 15:17 on the Matrah Corniche
KM : 144km

The Tour of Oman has become a pretty high profile and seriously taken "pre season" event, as evidenced by the worlds best cyclists coming and racing each other here. I'm not sure if any of it will be televised but I hope so.

So now you know the routes, and the times, so try and avoid those areas unless you want to go and cheer them on!

le fin.
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