Professional photographer in Muscat - Rosie Gabrielle

I've known Rosie for quite a few years and have had the absolute pleasure of using her services twice, once when my daughter was born, and again a year later. Rosie has been working here in the Sultanate for 7 years and works pretty much on referrals which keeps her busy, because she's so good at what she does.

Like many masters of their craft, Rosie is self taught, and is clearly very talented at what she does, evidenced by 7 years working as a professional photographer here in the Sultanate, as well as in her native Canada.

Rosie offers the following services, where no price is mentioned it's because they vary based on what is required, but a fee is always established first:

Family (RO 180 weekends, RO 150 weekdays)
Newborn  (RO 200)
Commercial events

You can see more of Rosie's work on her Facebook page, and you can contact her either by phone (+968 9521 9032) or by email.

I will say that the newborn photo's, and the 1 year old birthday photo's that we have are prized possessions which we will have for the rest of our lives, and for the quality and professionalism of her service, is cheap at the price. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

le fin.
Professional photographer in Muscat - Rosie Gabrielle Professional photographer in Muscat - Rosie Gabrielle Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, December 08, 2013 Rating: 5

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