Muscat festival starts today

Today sees the launch of the 2013 edition of the Muscat Festival. This year, thankfully, it has been moved from Qurum park to Al Amerat Park and Sultan Qaboos sports stadium - along with long standing location, Al Naseem Park as well.

The two parks open every day from 4 -11pm, and the SQ sports stadium runs 4:30 - 11:30pm

The official website has a handy page showing you how to get to each of the three locations. The Muscat Festival has been running since 1998, and as far as I can tell has become incredibly popular. I've never actually gone to the Festival, and perhaps this year I'll brave the crowds and go and have a look!

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  1. for a festival of this size and tradition I think it deserve a much better webpage...and some social medial presence, reminding of events etc... loooong way to go.

  2. The move from Qurum Park to Amerat Park is not for the better if you live in Amerat! I lived 3 years in Qurum and suffered with the festival traffic. I've moved to Amerat and the festival has moved too. Argh! The traffic at Wadi Adai getting to Amerat is already backed up every night, with the additional festival traffic it's really going to suck!

  3. I went last night to Al Amerat. I miss the Al qu'rum locale. the traffic was way better (i.e parking) if one goes the new Al amerate road not the wadi adai way but some things are not built and set up yet. I think next year will be better. also the festival wasn't quite on schedule for the fireworks ect.

    And a baby nearly got gored by one of the bulls they were using in one of the exhibits so maybe a safer animal?


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