Justin Bieber in Muscat

Good morning everyone.

The news was broken that Justin Bieber is coming to Oman on the 6th of May with Alive Events back in February. Tickets are going on sale this afternoon at the MGM Atrium from 3pm – 8pm. Sales will run from today, 2nd April until the 5th April. The concert is being held in the Wattayah Stadium.

Tickets are RO35, RO50, RO100 – NOTE: Cash only.

Stay tuned for some more information, I've got an opportunity to meet and greet Justin Bieber to give away!

le fin.

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  1. What about the meet and greet? When? Where? How?😭😭❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Yeah. Are there meet-and-greet tickets ? ... Who could pass an opportunity to punch this guy in his cunt in person ?

  3. Post is updated, the show is in the Wattayah stadium, and no Meet and Greet tickets are available for purchase.

  4. After his performances in Europe, wonder how many times this over hyped teen spits out his dummy in the Middle East! Waste of time, period!

  5. Please only give the meet and greet to someone under the age of 16 years old..and Western. This is their chance to have a bit of real teenage life. Adults should not be trying to get this..it's a bit gross..but please do make a rule that only someone under 16 gets this. Western expats kids are extra far from anything remotely 'Western'. Asian kids often have bollywood stars and singers in town and the flight is not far home... Western kids are more islolated in the Middle East by their limited numbers and visibility.

    This time..do it for the KIDS...

  6. Please! The kid is poison for a generation! Ban him!!

  7. Hello , i wanted to know if i have a chnace of meeting justin? since im coming all the way from kuwait i would really want to know before i reserve my tickets please let me know if i have a chance to meet him at



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