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While poking around on Facebook a couple of months ago, I saw an advert that proclaimed I could watch UK TV channels live here in Oman, and no need for a Computer or a VPN. I've got to admit here that I thought this would be some sort of scam or here today gone tomorrow operation.

Still, I asked a few friends around town that I thought would know about it, and confirmed that they have been selling this service in Oman since early this year. Armed with this knowledge I emailed the sales people at UKTV Arabia advertised on their website and started to learn more about the service.

I have borrowed a UKTV Arabia box for a month and have tested it out, and so feel I can write a review on this with a bit of authority.


The system requires you have an internet connection (5MB+) and the box has HDMI outputs, and wired lan cable inputs, or you can use WiFi to connect to your network if you don't have a data line by your TV - they provide a D-Link wifi adapter in the box that comes with the UKTV Arabia device. The device itself is very small and thus doesn't need much space near your TV.

The way it works is, the box connects to secured servers run by UKTV Arabia and streams various channels. There is a lot of choice and multiple streams for each channel, so if one isn't working well (slow etc) then you can pick a different one.

I found the menu and TV guide system to be pretty slick, offering previews of what you channel you've selected before you switch to full screen on that channel. I tested this system over the last month and I've been impressed with how the thing has worked. The service has worked well, and the few times I've experienced disruption to the service has been fixed by just selecting another stream for that particular channel. One really amazing feature of this system is that if there was a show, lets say an episode of Eastenders, that you missed, every channel provided has a 14 day retention. IE - you can go back 14 days in the program guide and stream in anything thats on it!

I watched a lot of CBS!

There are of course the techno-wizards out there that will say they have a VPN and they're happy streaming from the iPlayer etc - and to them I say this service isn't aimed at you. It's a plug and play system that really works well, and you don't need any VPN's or cables to connect to your computer to your TV.

The box costs US$ 154 + RO 3 delivered anywhere in Oman (this rises to US$ 164 anywhere in the GCC) or $199 including local delivery and set up anywhere within the Muscat metropolitan area. Then there are 3 tiers of programming packages: Standard (16 channels), Premium (36 channels) and Ultimate (67 channels).

The standard package costs $26/month, Premium $40 and Ultimate is $45. Basically if you just want BBC 1-4, ITV 1-4, Channel 4 & 5 get the basic, otherwise get the Ultimate. Ordering is done online but if you prefer not to use Paypal, you can pay in cash when receiving your box - if you buy 12 months you will get 1 month free service as well, or if you buy 2 boxes and pay for the standard package, you will be upgraded to the Ultimate package. One final thing to note is that this box will work anywhere that there is an internet connection - even in Australia or the USA...

UK TV Arabia have a website, facebook and twitter. You can WhatsApps or call them on +968 9640 8700 and you can email them on

le fin.
UK TV in Oman UK TV in Oman Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, July 18, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Hmmz, this seems a good alternative for the overpriced OSN packages :)

  2. Yup- agree, I have started looking at the alternatives to OSN and realising how much it costs in comparison.
    Great review Sythe- definitely going to look into this.
    What is the legality of it though? Is it something that is going to be killed after a few months when the UK channels decide to sue or is it all above board?

  3. Thanks for this Article ...

    We are big UK TV Arabia Box fans. (Specially my Wife) and ANTI OSN.

    It seems the word is spreading faster then what we thought !

    I've evaluated many VPNs options, But I prefer the UK TV Arabia Box.

    I Had it for 3 months and what a life changing, I Don't have to use VPN for Brit telly any more. Not going through the hassle of connecting it, stream it to the TV then if I want to change the channel I have to check my laptop again.

    With this Box, its just like being back in the UK. a Box next to the TV with a remote control in my hand (mostly wife's hands) Also now days they have added extra HD Channels.

    We subscribed to the Ultimate package and we have more then 60 TV Channels + 100 Radio stations.

    One thing SYTHE didn't mention, that you can go back 14 days in the program guide and apart from streaming it you can also DOWNLOAD any program into your portable hard drive/USB stick and watch it any later on via the Box or in your PC, Play Station, Laptop, TV etc.

    This is way Cheaper then OSN.

    We had issues with buffering and blackouts but then we had to upgrade to 12MB internet speed Broadband from Omantel. now it less and way better and they are working on it now to solve the buffering issues. for us NOT a really big issue but (Hay) again the video traffic going over the internet from the UK so even on BBC iPlayer and 4OD you would have issues sometimes. so whom shall we blame for glitches .. Omantel or BT. over all we are very happy with it.

    their Customer Service is excellent, Always answer our phone calls, emails and WhatsApp on time.

  4. Hi, good review. What channels does it feature other than the basic terrestrial channels. Does it include Sky Sports for example, and the English Premiership/cricket/rugby?


  5. Go to this link for a list of all the channels available in the top package (ultimate)

  6. Thanks Mr. Sythe. There are some good channels but it looks like no sports.

  7. And the RTA is OK with this?

  8. Looking forward to your next article on the best shops to steal from...

  9. Dear Sir / Madam,

    About the Sports channels, We have 2 Sports Channels :

    British Eurosport HD 1 & 2

    the UK TV Arabia Box broadcast 3 major football events LIVE :

    UEFA Europe League - ITV

    UEFA Champions League - ITV

    the FA Cup - It used to be on ITV but the BBC has secured a four-year shared rights the start of the 2014-15 season, you can watch the FA Cup on the BBC from now on.

    the Live Wimbledon 2013 wad broadcasted on BBC 1 & 2 including the final, Aldo on BBC 1 HD.

    Right now Tour De France is shown live on British Eurosport HD 1 & 2.

  10. Thanks for the response UKTV Arabia. It looks like you have another customer.

  11. Wonder how legal this is. So they stream UK tv without paying anything. Create some sort of OPEN link via the internet and charge you to stream. you are paying to just stream, and if you understood streaming you could just do it for free.

    Or have all streaming channels being blocked now in Oman ?

  12. Give mrskytv a try



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