PIA aircraft disabled on MCT runway

Thanks to @MuminKhaifi for the picture

Breaking news, a PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) aircraft landed earlier today on one of the 2 main runways at Muscat International Airport (MCT). Upon landing, one of the landing gears collapsed on the plane which has disabled it on the runway, effectively shutting that runway.

A quick look on the MCT website shows that many incoming and departing flights are delayed. There is a second runway at MCT but I don't know how long it is, and if it's long enough for the bigger planes to land and take off.

So if you have to take a flight today, check well before you leave for the airport, it's likely going to be delayed!

le fin.

PIA aircraft disabled on MCT runway PIA aircraft disabled on MCT runway Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, February 11, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. thought it was quiet over here at The Wave!

  2. What second runway - there is only one!

  3. Inside word (from the airport officials) has it that the pilot was under the influence of all that he drank prior to the flight. Maybe he watched Washingtons movie and thought it was a good idea. It seems that he's under questioning at the moment...


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