Interesting look into Oman in the 1950's

A little reblog this morning; Salim al Harthy runs a photography blog, and has posted a story with a number of photo's from "John" a now long retired British Army officer who served here in Oman for 2 years between 1958-1960 helping to put down the rebellion which was started by Saudi's looking to nick oil concessions and had based themselves primarily on Jebel Ackdar (which was spectacularly put down eventually by a daring raid led by the SAS on January 25-26th 1959).

The pictures shared by John on Salim's blog are pretty interesting, especially that in at least one picture of a social gathering, all the women were wearing black, even then (I thought clothing was very colourful until the 80s). Perhaps it was more formal-ware then, interesting how things have changed.

Check out his blog post for more.

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Interesting look into Oman in the 1950's Interesting look into Oman in the 1950's Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, October 08, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Lots of photos here:

  2. it´s really Interesting to see ... thank you it's well done :)

  3. AS if that was the only history of the rebllion in the jebel ackdhar war, not just against forming the Sultanate, as it used to be previously, Muscat + Zanzibar and Oman, two distinctly seperate entities pretty much. While Omani fighters happily were armed by the Saudis, that's not exactly an accurate representation of what the war was over. Many civilian Omani families were blasted by bombs, by the SAS. Not really something applauded where my husband's family is from (and they still like British expats). People from there know it wasn't about oil, why they were fighting right?

    But pretty awesome photos.


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