Muscat Grand Mall gets a walking circuit

I was in the MGM the other day and noticed something on the floor... it looks like the management at the mall have acknowledged that there are people who like to walk, and have actually mapped out measured walking routes on both levels of the mall. I've actually noticed these markings on the floor for a couple weeks, but unless you didn't notice, I've been a lazy blogger lately.

Each floor has a route, the upstairs is slightly longer than the downstairs one, the upstairs is 560m per lap, and the downstairs is 460m, so a single lap and you are over a KM.

Being a new parent, I think this is great - I can take my kid out for walks, give her things to look at and not have to worry about her sweating/dehydrating due to the heat. I wonder if more malls will catch on with this?

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Muscat Grand Mall gets a walking circuit Muscat Grand Mall gets a walking circuit Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, June 30, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. A copy from Dubai's malls.

  2. Spam malls up with people not buying anything - what an inspired decision. I should imagine the traders who are paying high rents think it is a masterstroke...

  3. Now all you need is the step counter app on your andriod and one can walk to glory!

  4. to the first 2 anonymous commenter's, yes it's a copy, no it doesn't spam malls up with people not buying anything. The concept is to drive more potential customers to the mall. Shop window appeal then helps entice, and inform, people of goods and services on offer. It's not a bad idea at all, plus a lot of mall walkers will go early in the morning before things get busy.


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