Liquor Licenses still not available

UPDATE - 2/2/13

New Books now available :) 

Well I've been getting emails from some of you for about a month now - it appears that the lovely chaps down in the Ruwi Police station have run out of blue booze books.

As recently as this morning, it is confirmed that they still do not have any in stock. The little room's door is locked and there is a sign saying to call this number for more information: 2470 4666

Thats all!

le fin.
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  1. They have not issued any new books since November! I'm getting thirsty!!

  2. I heard yesterday that the ROP is trying to implement a smart-card system instead for the blue books, that is why it is taking so long.
    I know the booze shops are getting a bit fed-up with it all as their income is down and more booze is getting sold on the black market.
    Typical inefficiency and lack of foresight.

  3. I got mine in November - must have been one of the last ones issued (phew!) - and it is a different format to the one in your picture which looks like my old one did. I don't know if this is significant or not but the booze shop seems happy with it!

  4. I renew mine in April. Hope all is sorted by then!

  5. New books available this morning (Saturday). In and out in 5 minutes with no queue! Excellent!


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