Ed Sheeran mania

Have you seen the Last Comment Win's competition going on over on the Hi FM facebook page? It's nuts - as of 7:30 this morning there have been over 160,000 comments, with a reach of over 411,000 people (well, fb accounts). That, for an English language facebook page based in Muscat, Oman is... staggering.

There are a lot of people that want to win the overnight stay and 2 tickets to see Ed this weekend!!

A little birdy tells me that at some point today they will close the competition and announce the winner... so if you didn't get into the competition yet - get in and try your luck :)

Now, whilst on the topic of the Ed Sheeran concert, a little public service announcement. Did you know that there are 3,000 ticketed guests attending the event? Plus the staff for the hotel, and the event itself.

The Shangri-la has a little over 400 parking spaces for guests. Parking is going to be ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

Car share, or even better - take one of the Ed Bus's that are being laid on and are leaving from various different parts of the city. The bus ride is RO 5 return and leaves from these 4 locations at 5:30pm:

1. The Wave
2. Muscat Hills
3. Left Bank
4. British School Muscat

Then the return buses will start from 11:30pm. To book your tickets, head to Mackenzies Cafe & Deli in MQ.

le fin.
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Ayshe said...

Oh no, I feared parking was going to be an issue...might have to book that bus. There are four of us going and the plan was to head out early, but I doubt we are the only ones with the same plan!

Anonymous said...

Again the usual not thinking things through.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see their Emergency Plan!

Anonymous said...

How can you say, 'Not thinking things through' when there is clearly forethought in arranging buses?
Not only does this go a long way to alleviating the parking issues but also lets people have a few drinks at the gig and cut down on the drink-driving.
Kudos to the organisers for doing it and or as little as OMR 5 for a return ticket.

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