Semi Finals tonight and tomorrow

Wendyball is gripping the world once again with the World Cup, and for once I've become interested in it, purely as England are doing well this time, which is nice! The Semi finals are tonight and tomorrow night at 10pm.

Tonight sees France & Belgium, and tomorrow its England & Croatia. Now there are many, many places to watch the footy around town, let alone in the comfort of your own homes, but for atmosphere I think the Habana sports bar at the Hyatt will be where I'll head tomorrow evening for the England game. The last time England were in a Semi final, it was against Germany in 1990 (and they lost on penalties - I actually remember watching that on TV as a kid at boarding school). After consulting Google, I have learned that England have made it to the Semi finals 3 times - once in 1966 (when they went on to win the World Cup) - once in 1990 and now again in 2018.

Habana has a great initiative going on, when you enter, you pay RO 5 and get 2 vouchers valid for drinks at the bar, and you also get your name added to a prize draw for return tickets to Russia on Oman Air as well. Of course, if you have an MRFC membership card, you can also get 20% off drinks as well.

le fin.
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