Unless you are new to Oman, or have been living under a rock - you should by now know all about the hugely popular and useful Muscat Where Can I Find? fb page. It's a mine of local information, and something that is badly needed since Oman Forum died a death (I still don't know what happened to it).

Essentially, the core concept of the MWCIF is you ask a question, like for example: MWCIF a chalk board? And then people will reply with comments on suggestions on where you can find a chalk board. It's super, duper useful.

Except there's one problem, FB being what it is, it doesn't lend itself too well to historical post reading, and so there are lots and lots of repeat questions asked.

Nicholla, being the clever girl that she is, has enlisted some technical expertise from the simply named "Technical Team" and they have created the silver bullet to their MWCIF's main problem - they've built a database that updates itself from the FB feed very regularly, and then you can simply search their brand new website, and find out if someone has already asked your question, but more importantly, if they've already had it answered.

The website works with simple click-to-register process that ties into your existing fb account (sorry for the few fb-outcasts, I don't know if it works if you don't have a fb account).

Go check it out!

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