VW & Audi tuning in Muscat

Now, people that know me, and perhaps some that have been following me on twitter for some time may know that I have a VW Golf GTI. It's my baby, I love it. I call her Gina. Gina the GTI. She's a MkV GTI (getting a bit old now that MkVII are out) and I still enjoy driving the car, it puts a smile on me every day, and I miss it when I go on vacation.

Yes I'm a closet car nerd.

Some years ago, I had the car remapped ("chipped" for the older folk) that caused some undesired problems with my car. I had the car flashed back to stock by the dealership here but I guess they messed something up because the problem persisted. Those that know about the problem, know there was no way I could sell the car in that condition (not that I would) and that it was a pretty serious issue.

I spent literally 100's of hours pouring through technical posts on various nerdy car websites and forums trying to diagnose my car's problem to no avail.

Finally, a few months ago I was put in touch with a guy in Dubai called Frederick. He had a black MkV GTI and had fitted a larger turbo to his car and was getting some impressive results with it. I was told that if anyone could diagnose and fix my car, Frederick was the guy.

And, he was. He and a friend took my car for a morning up in Dubai, diagnosed the problem, custom wrote a new software for my car's computer and handed back my car to me good as new (in a stock power status as well).

Frederick is the real deal; this guy can literally do anything with Volkswagen Audi Group Computers (VAG-COM).

Want to make more power with your VW/Audi?  No problem
Want (or should I say need) to get a new ECU but can't afford the cost from the dealership? No problem
Want to get custimized maps for a bigger turbo on your VW/Audi? No problem

If you're still reading at this point then you get the idea by now - he's a guy living in the middle east who lives and breathes dubs. Lots of people who decide to remap their cars here go for the big names: APR, REVO etc. Here's the thing. Those big-name re-maps are made by people who do not live in the climate that we do. Heat does strange things to cars, and they run hotter here as a result.

If you are lucky enough to own a VW Mk5 or 6 GTI (or R), Seat Leon or Cupra, Audi A3/A4, TT, TTS, TT RS or RS6 and are considering modifying your car - maybe check out DeFre Tuned.

As it happens - he's going to be visiting Muscat on the 20th of September and will be offering an introductory price of AED 1,500 (RO 157) for "stage 1" remaps. If you're interested, check out his website here for more information on all the car models he can work on, and you can contact him on this email: info@tuneunleashed.com

le fin.
VW & Audi tuning in Muscat VW & Audi tuning in Muscat Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. This is amazing! I'm definitely interested in this. Please update if he decides to come at a different date as well as where we would need to meet etc.

  2. Imad - I think the post by Sythe is pretty clear...

    If you're interested, check out his website here for more information on all the car models he can work on, and you can contact him on this email: info@tuneunleashed.com

  3. Would highly recommend Frederick, he did wonders on my TTRS. Considering the TTRS uses one of Audis most secure ECU's I was really surprised to see he could custom remap it, and most importantly had the experience to do it safely. I had experienced other software "remaps" from other tuners(including branded ones) and was surprised how much they leaned the car out or gave the car a surprising boost surge, that appeared to make the car faster. My TTRS can now easily do full WOT pulls without any issues and has never dropped into a limp mode. Highly recommended.


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