Sas 48 - what can you do in 48h?

Between the 18th and 20th of September at the Al Mouj golf club, the Information Technology Authority in partnership with Garage48 are running a mobile apps and web development contest. The winner gets RO 10,000 - not a bad chunk of change!

They are looking for people with different backgrounds, based in these categories:

Visionary Entrepreneurs (whatever that is), Programmers, Designers, Marketers and Project Managers.

Here's the blurb ripped from their website (where you can sign up to join this):

Do you have a big idea in Mobile Apps development or Web Development field?
Are you looking for the right team to work with?
Sas48ᵸ  is your chance to make your creative ideas real.
What is Sas48ᵸ ?
 It is a weekend event for 48 hours.
 Targets 100 participants with different backgrounds – developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and project managers.
 Focuses mainly on new web services and mobile services.
 Encourages entrepreneurship culture and education.
 Participants can come up with an idea in mobile app or web development field.
 Teams start working for 48 hours up until pitching time. During working time there will be mentors to support participants in business and technical areas.
 Winners will be announced in the last day upon the Jury Panel decision.
  Sas48ᵸ Objectives
 Nurture the culture of entrepreneurship.
 Build public awareness and create opportunities based on available capabilities.
 Encourage champions to think creatively and establish new businesses.
 Focus on developing startup companies in the most demanded sectors – nowadays – mobile apps.
 Headhunt potentials to join Sas Programme.
 Promote the implementation of working culture VS theories.
Who is eligible to join Sas48ᵸ ?
College students, Jobseekers, Professionals and anyone interested in Mobile Apps and Web Development field

Date: 18 -20 September 2014
Time: Thursday 15:00 to Saturday 20:00
Place: AlMouj Golf – Muscat
If you are a:
 Programmer and Mobile App Developer
 Web Developer
 Visionary Entrepreneur/Project Manager
Then Register now in Sas48ᵸ through … link
For any inquiry contact us through

Now you know.

le fin.
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