Oman Tribune falls victim to cut and paste journalism

A rather amusing mistake spotted by a reader of ze blog and emailed to me (thanks Jameel) this afternoon. Page 16 of todays Oman Tribune (The Edge of Knowledge they'll have you know) covers the story from the UK about Andrew Mitchell, who resigned yesterday following an outburst at the Plod standing guard outside of Downing Street a few weeks ago.

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Anyway, the esteemed journo's at the local Edge of Knowledge, in their apparent rush to share this highly important news, apparently neglected to read the approximately 350 word article which had the following words printed twice for good measure: "Pleb" "Moron" and the best "fucking" and no, they were not linking to the small village in Austria.


le fin.
Oman Tribune falls victim to cut and paste journalism Oman Tribune falls victim to cut and paste journalism Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, October 20, 2012 Rating: 5


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The Music Man said...

I wish i could say i was suprised!!!

Anonymous said...

lol someones been sacked

Anonymous said...

Do you think that The Tribune (or any newspaper in Oman) has a correspondent in London? This was syndicated news (ie, they bought the story from Reuters or AP). All the newspapers here do this, so it's the editor's fault if anyones. I very much doubt that the editor has ever heard of The Tribune.

I'm sure you all think Hi magazine have their own team of journos interviewing Madonna and covering the war in Syria lol

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