Virgin Radio Oman to launch on Sunday 18th March

So the long-awaited new SABCO Media radio station is set to launch (its already broadcasting music right now) this Sunday 18th March. Virgin Radio Oman is already broadcasting on 100.9 FM and I have to say from listening to it as I drive around town that it sounds pretty slick with its links and "aural" branding. Their RDS system also appears to be working nicely too.

The music content is very much Billboard Top 100 and I understand that there will be 3 main presenters to start, a morning show, afternoon show and evening drive time show. Judging by the music played (US top 100 by the sounds of it) I imagine this station is aiming at a younger listener, whereas Merge and Hi appear to be aiming at an older audience.

You can find their social media channels as follows:


And, of course, their website (which streams live).

le fin.
Virgin Radio Oman to launch on Sunday 18th March Virgin Radio Oman to launch on Sunday 18th March Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. Two FM station being launched in 1 month and as I tuned in, they have the same genre of playlist :D


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