Eid al Adha holidays announced

Finally, the official Eid al Adha holidays for Oman in 2012 have been announced:

The Public Sector get from Saturday 27th - Wednesday 31st, returning to work on Saturday November 3rd

The Private Sector has from Saturday 27th - Tuesday 30th, returning to work on Wednesday 31st October.

Enjoy your holidays!

le fin.
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  1. Returning on 3rd October? You mean 30th.

  2. I actually meant the 31st but was totally wrong ;)

  3. Where have they announced it for private sector? Cause I can only see the announcements made for the public sector. Could you please post the link here?

  4. Just take it on faith that I'm correct, because I'm always correct and have been for over 3 years....

    But if you must....


  5. you have ment private sector holduas starts from saturday..is that with an assumption that thurdays falls under week end? what abt companies, banks etc who have week ends on friday , saturday..

  6. I dont make up the news I just publish it! For those people who have a Friday / Saturday vacation, I understand that the Saturday is given in Lieu - whether that's given as Thursday 25th or the 1st I don't know.

  7. ya i accept..CBO will come up with announcement of thursday holiday for banks...and some private cos, declare wednesday ie 31 as holiday and to be compensated by working on thursday ie Nov 8th...the staff who lose out are those who work in hospitals who have six days week...


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