The new Muscat International Airport

So we all know that the airport is going to be opening for its first regular flights this coming 20th March 2018. The first flight will be an arrival (at 5:30pm) and the first departure will be at 6:50pm - so if you are flying on the morning of the 20th, or the early afternoon for that matter - I guess its from the old airport.

There has also been a rule change, stipulating that people must arrive 3 hours before their departure time (and 4 if they have to cancel a visa) which is for both international and domestic flights. Which, in my mind, is absolute insanity - but it is the recommended norms at most of the big airports around the world.

However, having to arrive 3 hours before a 7am flight to Dubai.... I might as well just drive - I'll get there in about the same amount of time. I digress.

Anyway... the message is clear... get there early.

le fin.
The new Muscat International Airport The new Muscat International Airport Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. I think it will be for the first few days of operations only since they will be using fully new systems and they want to avoid any hiccups during the transfer process where the airport will become another Heathrow Terminal 5 disaster

    1. what i meant otherwise it will become. they are taking lots and lots of lesson learnt from new airport openings

  2. Today will decide if the preparation is enough


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