Happy Canada Day!

Well, it's July 1st again - which means, of course, that it's Canada day. And this year, 2012, marks Canada's 145th birthday. So happy birthday Canada.

This Wednesday of course sees July 4th, when Canada's smaller neighbour, the USA, celebrates it's own independence day, and so I'm sure we will see a few combined North American parties taking place around the city. Speaking of, The Safari bar at the Hyatt are marking Canada day with special Canada-themed food tonight (poutine!!!!!!!), along with showing the Euro's final at 10:45pm. The Safari are also throwing an Independence Day party for the yanks on Wednesday the 4th as well. In fact the festive spirit runs from the 1st till the 4th.

Back to the main purpose of this blog post, here's some fun facts about Canada (other than it's just awesome):

le fin.
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Millso said...

Happy Canada from Sur ! Unfortunately working too...

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day! Would celebrate with all the others, Canadians and non-Canadians, but - alas - am working. Shall see if I can find some of that macaroni and cheese we're supposed to consume more of than anyone else. BTW in Canada its called Kraft "Dinner", maybe college kids eat so much of the stuff because they think it's a meal.

There is a difference, not just in name, between our version and the one consumed south of the border. Watch thios great taste test!


Cheers! from The Lonesome Beaver

Andrew Brown said...

Happy Canada, Mr. Sythe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!

mmmm POUTINE!!

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