Omani product spotlight: Dahabi bread

Time for another semi-regular post on local Omani products that I use. This one's a fairly new product that I've seen when grocery shopping. I've not seen it for sale in Al Fair or Carrefour yet, but I buy it at Lulu's or The Sultan Center.

Makes excellent toast and eggy bread!

If you click the picture you can read the nutritional info

It is Dahabi bread. Mrs Sythe has been buying their flour products for years, so we recognized the brand and figured we'd give it a go and were pleasantly surprised. The bread comes in plastic bags as you can see, with handy easy-clips to keep the bag sealed. The loaves come in 3 different sizes, we buy the middle size, 450g - it seems to work best for us.

The bread is produced by the Atyab Bakery which is in Barka. They have a website here.

Now I'm sure a few of you are wondering about Al Fair's bread, and yes, I like their bread too - but I'm not always at Al Fair, nor always want to pay 700bz for a loaf of bread when all I want is toast. I find this Dahabi bread works well for me :)

More soon.

le fin.
Omani product spotlight: Dahabi bread Omani product spotlight: Dahabi bread Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, May 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

They've got really nice breads. They even have burger buns and rolls. Definitely the best product on the block!

Rudi said...

Dahabi bread is good!!! in fact comparing it to the rest of the "factory produce" bread it is the best in my point of view.
thou Al Fair bread is also good as they bake fresh but at times i feel dahabi's to be more filling and lasting.

the sad thing thou i don't find it in Carrefour, i only can get it from my nearby cold store- sometime - when they do bring it in.

thanks muscati !! now i now where to get it !!

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that sugar is the third ingredient.

Anonymous said...

it's always advisable to have local products and not always depend on UAE stuff

Anonymous said...

Definitely,im with the dahabi bread, it stays fresh longer aswell ,and offcourse unfair like most other brands is dropping it's quality everyday and it still demands 700bz for a loaf??!..and still the bread expires in 2 days??!?

BigManInOman said...

To the last anonymous- the bread does not stay fresh for longer, the preservatives keep it for longer. Bread from Al Fair is freshly baked using proper ingredients instead of depending on sugars and preservatives to keep it so.
Go to Carrefour and buy a baguette- it wont last until the next morning because it is freshly baked just like in France.

Anonymous said...

Just spotted "Omani tea" in Carrefour. Can't wait for your feature on the Salalah tea plantations.

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