Monday, May 07, 2012

Local Omani artist Alia Al Farsi is unveiling (well probably has by now) her latest collection at the Embassy of Oman in Tokyo, Japan today. It's even being attended by HH Princess Takamado so it's a pretty big deal for Alia, and some good positive press for Oman too by extension.

Alia has been a recognized artist for quite a few years now and this is the latest in her long line of exhibitions - her website details that she's been to more than a few Oman Week exhibitions around the world to showcase her work - good for her.

I've no idea if her works are for sale, but I'd imagine so?

More soon.

le fin


Anonymous said...

Yawn, so boring and she is so arrogant. There is no art in Oman.

Anonymous said...

I would

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