Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yesterday I was surprised by a delivery of 2 incredibly delicious boxes of chocolates from Salma's Chocolates. It was about 4pm, I'd been super busy all day trying to hit deadlines before Eid and once again skipped lunch. Yes, I'm an infidel.

So, I was very excited to receive some chocolates yesterday afternoon. It also happened, that my team here at work were also excited to see that I had received some chocolates. It was not long before the vultures started circling, and I gave a box to a girl on my team who's recently gotten pregnant. I think inside of 5 minutes she had managed to polish off half of her box! I shared the other box with the team and it was decided that the chocolates were some of the best any of us have ever had.

What I'm trying to say here is, that these chocolates are actually really good. Honestly I think they are even better than the delicious little treats made by Patchi. They are similarly priced, the box pictured above is about RO 5.9. Now obviously these are not priced so that everyone can buy them, but if you are going to an Iftar, or an Eid celebration and are not sure what to bring, I recommend you give these a shot.

As I've blogged about it previously, Salma's Chocolates is part of the Intajee initiative which is geared towards promoting domestically produced produce, and now, it seems, chocolates too :)

You can currently buy these chocolates from The Sultan Center in Qurum, as well as directly from Salma's chocolates shop in Azaiba which is situated behind the Zubair building.

They have a website here (but it's currently down) and this is their facebook page.

They also have a fancy Youtube video.... (it's in Arabic but it's still pretty good to watch, if you like chocolates...)

le fin.


The Linoleum Surfer said...

I've heard good things about this lady, although not tried her chocs yet. Maybe later today...reading about food while fasting tends to fix things in the mind!

As I understand it, the actual chocolate is imported from Belgium, then combined with interesting local/eastern flavours like dates and cardamon.

But one of the things that I like about this business before even visiting, is that they are doing most of the work themselves. I'm also told they are good employers to their non-Omani assistant. Good luck to them, and roll on iftar :)

Anonymous said...

Hi MM, Long time reader first time poster (and a little shy hence the anon). These are my special "go to" chocolates! I got them a few weeks ago for my husband for our wedding anniversary and WOW they are good. I love the Omani flavors, so unique. I have since purchased twice more for friends and I highly recommend them. These ladies are working very hard and for sure I am now a convert. No more Patchi for us it's Salmas all the way!!

Anonymous said...

I know someone called Salma and I can't make the disconnect between her and putting something of her namesake into my mouth.
I also know someone called Maha and have never been able to eat Mahalabia since I met her either.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Fascinating. Know anyone called "Dick"?

Anonymous said...

Funny you ask....

bella bell said...

How I adore the elegant box of chocolates and the box as it's packaging. It looks luxurious and very fanciful. I think I will add this to my birthday gift ideas for her over at my blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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