Omani product spotlight: Oman Oasis Oxiplus water

Time for another semi-regular post on local Omani products that I use. This one's possibly the most-used Omani product (except petrol!) in my house - might not be but perhaps it is: It's the Oman Oasis "Oxiplus" bottled water.

As best as I can remember, this water turned up on the shelves 3 years ago, sometime in 2009 I think. It claims it has 300% more oxygen in it's water and I'm happy to believe it. They could probably also claim it had loads of vitamins in it and it'd make me thin too and I'd believe it because I'm stupid like that. We also use a water cooler service, which is not Oman Oasis, but I like these bottles because they are big (2 litres) and handy to take out and about with me.

What kind of water do you use in your house?

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Omani product spotlight: Oman Oasis Oxiplus water Omani product spotlight: Oman Oasis Oxiplus water Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, June 25, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. You do realize that you don't absorb oxygen through your gut right? It could have twice as much oxygen and would still not make any difference to you.
    Good marketing though- sukkkaaaaa!!

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  2. Also, the plastic used in the bottles is gas permeable so the oxygen will have leached away long before you open the bottle.

  3. Funny as it is, I like Tanuf or Jebal Akhtar water because it has a "spring" water taste. :/

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