Something positive to say about HSBC

I was quite amazed about this, I received a text message from the people at HSBC informing me to come and pick up my Entertainer 2011 book from any of the branches. The bit that amazed me was that it only took me 2 minutes to get the book and I didnt have to fill in 3 forms, or find out that I've got a new mysterious wife who has run up debts for me.

I nipped into my local HSBC branch and presented my ATM and one of my Credit Cards, and they provided me with a book full of vouchers from Entertainer 2011 - the vouchers expire on December 31st and dont work on certain days (Eid, National day, Christmas, etc) - but still, for a freebie, I think that's pretty decent. I already used one of the buy 1 main course get 1 free vouchers at my favorite Ruby Murray house in town: Passage to India.

So if you bank with HSBC and were not aware about this voucher book - nip into any HSBC in Oman with your HSBC ATM and Credit cards, and they should give you one of these voucher books!

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  1. I don't know what everyone's beef is with HSBC.
    Over the past three years I have used Premier Banking with them and have never had an issue.


  2. Is that for Premier account holders only? I have an Advanced account (so advanced they can't offer me a debit card!) - will I be eligible for it? This is the first I heard about it.

  3. I also have these vouchers but not from HSBC- they are really awsome! My favourite is the buy 1 large pizza get 1 large pizza free and don't even get me started on Spa vouchers that they have :)

  4. 'I dont know what everyone's beef is with HSBC'

    You have been very very lucky indeed then!!

    2 months ago I asked one simple question 'Is there a possibility of increasing the credit limit on my HSBC Credit Card', initially a simple yes or no answer would suffice, to date after a further 4 inquiries nothing! Only we have passed on the question to the relevant department, when I inquired again last week, they told me maybe my contact details were incorrect!! I checked they are perfectly correct!!
    2 months ago I received a text asking me to visit a branch to update my details, when I arrived they told me they needed a copy of my passport, I went back (2nd visit) then they required something else.
    Believe me nothing is simple and straight forward!

  5. Sweet little bonus! Good for you. My wife and I LOVE that book. Plus it gives us an extra excuse to eat out!

  6. Just been to the bank.. its only for Advance and Premier customers.. not Basic :(

  7. Just been to the bank myself, more specifically it's for Platinum credit card holders. I'm an advanced customer, but I don't use their credit card so I'm not eligible. Ah well, they almost, but not quite stopped me from closing my account with them.

  8. Ian - I am not Premier nor do I have a Platinum credit card, but I got the book. I do have an HSBC oman credit card though, so maybe that's the catch?

  9. It's for all HSBC credit card holders - because the twist is that you have to pay via credit card to avail these benefits..

  10. I couldn’t resist commenting


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