Now I've been meaning to post this for ages because a friend has started a new business here in Oman and they're selling (and installing and maintaining) these Softubs. I assure you right now that I have not received anything in exchange for this post!

The reason why I thought I'd write about them is because these hot tubs are actually quite affordable, and are totally portable, which makes them more attractive to some people (because they can take them with them when they move). These things are called Softubs, and they're an American built hydrotherapy spa which is sold all over the world, and now right here in Oman too (and the UAE for that matter). These things do not require any permanent foundations and can be installed (and then removed) in practically any location: balcony, roof, indoor rooms, outside garden. You know I reckon (assuming you could sort out a water supply for it) you could probably pop one of these into a truck too. Hottubbing at 120 KM/hour, its going to be the new thing.

They come in 3 different sizes, for 2, 4 or 6 people and they last between 7-10 years. They can cool the water to 18'C or heat the water to 40'C and they do not use a lot of energy (just plug and play). They are easily maintained with no need for added chemicals as it uses an ozonator (although I'm told that in specific circumstances a little bit of chlorine might be required), and there are LED colour changing lights built in with 10 different lighting effects.

Pricing starts at RO 1,600 and there are financing options available. Imagine you've had a long day at the office and you come home exhausted - now that the fabulous winter months are here, a nice soak in the tub on the roof of your villa (or terrace or whatever) might be very appealing to some of you, I know it is to me. They are also selling furniture and shades that can go with the tub if you're interested.

Also, which is a bit fun, you can actually rent these things for events too - I'd totally go for one of these at the next Beach party! If you're interested in renting some of these for your next event, get in touch with them on +968 9295 7921

You can check out their website here, their facebook page here, and their instagram here. If you have read this far and you're interested in talking to Softub Middle East about purchasing one of these things, if you mention that you saw this post here on [MM] they'll give you a small discount - which is better than no discount!

le fin.
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