Traffic Light Party tonight!

Ahh, Wednesday, you beauty. I've been waiting for you all week!

Tonight, at local nightclub, Zouk, there is a traffic light party. The Rugby Club ran one of these successfully earlier in the year, and there's no reason why tonight's party will not be a lot of fun too! You essentially wear one of three colours:

Green - single and looking
Yellow - not single but looking(!)
Red - not looking

There is a door cover charge in effect:

Free entry before 10:00pm
RO 10 for single men, which can be fully redeemed at the bar for food and drinks.
RO 20 for couples, which can be fully redeemed at the bar for food and drinks.
Single ladies enter with no cover all night.

Have a nice weekend!

le fin.
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Suburban said...

I imagine hundreds of baffled men wandering around wearing yellow and green stickers.

Anonymous said...

This is no right way for Oman. How you insult our culture. This is not the will of the God. Wearing Green the special colour not for you have sex to someone! I tell Ministry for you.

Anonymous said...

''I tell Ministry for you'' Absolutely classic! ''I tell mummy for you''

Anonymous said...

Dear offended Anonymous: This post does not specify what those wearing Green are looking for. Maybe they are looking for a proper spouse. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Single ladies enter with no cover all night."

More insult for my culture!
Ladies should have cover all the time. All the time alhamdulillah!

Anonymous said...

Legs are being pulled I think.

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