Sunday, April 11, 2010
Firstly a few pictures that I've taken around Muscat lately. If I see more amusing things I'll make this an irregular feature.

You'll have to look closely at this one.

The Private Parkings!

Self explanatory!

In other news, Tom Jones recently played both the Cape Town and Joburg concerts, and we're next. Neither of the shows were cancelled and there's a good few days until he's due to sing here, so there's no reason not to believe that it won't go ahead. I look forward to seeing hoards of people singing stupidly when Delilah is played. I wonder if anyone's going to bring a blow-up sheep to help the Welshman feel at home?

The only slight spanner to be thrown in the works is that it's potentially going to rain on Wednesday, as initially reported in the Omani bloggersphere by James at Oman Oman Oman. A brief look at Accuweather suggests that it will be cloudy on Wednesday, but not rainy. Time will tell I guess!

le fin.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the first one, though I see the flat tyre.

Ερμής said...

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theomanibrit said...

Haha - Sythe, that first one certainly made me cackle away to myself. So much for buying local ;) OB

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