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It was a pretty eventful weekend for me. Wednesday night was a nice relaxing evening at the fantastic PDO boat club watching the Exiles band play (the same band from the ANZO ball). Thursday evening was an eventful affair that ended up with a drunken bout of The Beatles Rock Band. I still managed to get high 90's. Ok it was on easy mode. The new band at the Safari bar, Oxygen, seemed ok. The two lead singers were wearing some pretty sexy outfits which seemed to pack the punters in, and the guitarist (from Norway, I think, or one of the Scandinavian countries) also demonstrated that he could actually play the guitar quite well.

Friday morning I woke up to find I'd won Tom Jones tickets in the recent prize draw over at Muscat Confidential - score! But seeing as I've already bought my tickets, I am giving them away to fellow blogger
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  1. Hey, thanks for the support!
    I guess you can say that their reaction is expected but it's still sad.. I do hope that they get over themselves soon, but I doubt it. It will take years!

    I just hate this sense of superiority that they have!

  2. Thanks again for the tix Mr Sythe, just have to go buy some sexy undies to throw on stage for the Welsh crooner ;)

    Oh and Reality, my thoughts are with you and I feel your pain. FYI - my Father was disowned from his family (his father imposed it) for marrying my New-Zealand 'Maori' mother and for mixing the family bloody by having mixed kids...but when my parents had a son he took us all back, since the family name would be carried on.

    You can't choose your family and many of ours are dysfunctional and make stupid decisions or comments, but I'm hoping they come around for the right reasons, if not to be a part of your future children's lives x

  3. The qatari diplomat should be stripped of his immunity and be spanked. The world is changing,reciprocity is the new word.

  4. The incident of the Qatari diplomat has nothing to do with the new visa regulations. I think these regulations aim to tighten security after the killing of Mohammed Almabhouh and the abuse of European passports by Israel.

  5. The rumor was flying here in Doha before the incident that it MIGHT happen. However, it is thought that the diplomat situation pushed it over the edge. In addition...another VERY qatari government thing to do: they are just letting it be rumor...there has been NO OFFICIAL statement sent to the american embassy yet. I think they are just planning on doing it without any kind of real announcement. We are all getting quite upset over here...this change could definitely be detrimental to businesses and families. We are all hoping that they will take the new "law" back once they realize it just won't work. There have been articles in newspapers and quotes from people like the qatari london embassy, so it is possible it is being reconsidered. If you want to read some reactions from expats living in qatar go


  6. Thankfully, Qatar decided (correctly) that it was NOT in their best interest to stop visas-on-arrival. They tried to make a stand for reciprocity, but it failed. Thankfully, people can still get visas-on-arrival.


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