Tom Jones - He's got pipes!

So last night was the main event for all of us here in Muscat. The old boyo Sir Tom Jones came out for a sing song. The place was packed out, and there was a steady stream of people entering the grounds from 7pm right up until 9:15 when the concert started.

There was not much chatter on twitter about the gig, but @raideraid tweeted this picture early on (thanks for letting me use it!):

In what was the second to last concert on the world tour (the last one being in Abu Dhabi on Friday), I have to say that it was a very well oiled machine. The supporting band, the sound and light guys, and of course the man him self, Sir Tom.

Now I'm not a "fan" of Tom Jones, but I enjoyed last night. The 10 piece band were excellent, and it was refreshing to see that all the music was live, with no computer wizardry evident! It was a good mix of old and new, but from a personal point of view I preferred his older music. His new stuff from 24 hours isn't bad, it's just not as good when you compare it to his back catalogue of hits starting from the 60s.

The crowd was a mix of all ages - not just your grannies!

I was amused to see quite a few pairs of knickers getting thrown on stage throughout the night. I think when he sang Delilah this may have been when the most were thrown - I wonder if he ever keeps any of them? ;) I saw quite a few Welsh flags, but was rather disappointed not to see any blow-up sheep. One can always hope for Abu Dhabi I guess!

His voice, as remarked upon by an amateur singer in a local band who I was talking to, was impressive. No worries whatsoever for what will be his very last concert on this 24 hours tour in Abu Dhabi. He sounded strong and no compromise was given - the guy is a professional and it showed when he sang. I thought to myself that this guy must be bored of singing the same songs, over and over for decades (OK so it's made him a fortune) and yet still delivers them with as much gusto as if it was the first time he had performed. I liked the finale - predictable as it was, but it was a good way to end the gig.

To sum up: A great concert that was entertained by people of all ages! Have fun in Abu Dhabi!

le fin.
Tom Jones - He's got pipes! Tom Jones - He's got pipes! Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, April 15, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Glad you all had fun out there!

    I was going to have dinner at that side of town, but couldn't park! It seemed like every single white guy in Oman was heading towards that concert!

  2. Nice summary of a pretty awesome evening.
    I'm no "Tom Jones fan" either but I had a blast.


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