Monday, October 24, 2016

Now the more enlightened (about the EDM scene that is) among you might arch an eyebrow at this visiting DJ, as he played at Tomorrowland Brasil earlier this year. For those of you who don't know what Tomorrowland is, well, its a pretty big deal. The original Tomorrowland is in Belgium, and hosts 180,000 people each year at a 3 day music festival. The Brazilians got in on the act and also have 180,000 people each year at their own Tomorrowland event too. So to have been a DJ selected to play the main stage on the Saturday in the weekend, well, you've got to be pretty good. Here's a video of this years Tomorrowland Brasil event to give you a taste.

And so, based on that reference, I'd say that Axis Events' Viktor Mora party next Friday (4th November) at On The Rocks is one not to be missed. Tickets are RO 10 each (and women enter for free). On The Rocks is a smaller club, so numbers are limited. VIP tables even more limited, so if you're keen, check out the event page, or call 9798 3333 / 9444 7775 to get involved.

le fin.


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