Lunch time is Copper time

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in Qurum after a meeting and it was lunch time. Around the same time I had been approached by Copper to place a banner advert for them on the blog. As I was close to the new Copper restaurant, I decided to check out their new business lunch deal - which I paid for. I'm usually a sandwich kinda guy for lunch but the deal was for a salad, along with an iced tea and a slice of chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. I feel I should point out at this point that I don't normally get a dessert either!

The decor in Copper, as I've said before, is industrial with a touch of barn and motorcycles. It really is a unique restaurant, and it even has a boutique clothes shop, TOTEM, right inside the restaurant! It's worth just going to check the place out.

I got there and was shown to a booth and as I was sitting down I said I was going to get the lunch deal and I didn't mind what salad I got. The iced tea came back pretty quickly and I have to say it was delicious. It definitely didn't taste like something that had been poured out of a store-bought bottle, it definitely tasted like it was home made - I didn't ask though.

For the salad I got grilled chicken with roast corn, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions and cucumbers on a bed of rocket lettuce - and it was amazing. I remember that first bite of chicken and being surprised at just how well it had been cooked, and it was still warm too. The person I was having lunch with had ordered a tuna salad, and when that came it looked really good too, so I guess the salads - based on these two - are pretty good at Copper.

A small detail but I think worth sharing is that the time from coming in and receiving the order was about 5 minutes which was super handy as this was a working day for me after all.

Once the salads were finished, the chocolate cake was next, along with their own home made ice cream. For me, I have to say that I've had chocolate cake once before at Copper and I wasn't really a fan - I think that perhaps that was an off day because this slice was really tasty, and a nice way to end a meal.

All in all for RO 5.5 plus the taxes I thought it was a nice meal - and I'll go again too.

You can check out Copper's website here, facebook here, twitter here and Instagram here. Their number is +968 2456 4292

le fin.
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