Thursday, October 06, 2016

Much like St Patricks day where everyone likes to pretend they're Irish for a night, Oktoberfest brings out many peoples inner Bavarian. And whats not to love? Beer, Bangers and Bretzels is always a winner in my book. Actually, having befriended a German man in recent years, I've actually discovered what really good German Bretzels taste like... the ones you see at Al Fair really are an injustice once you've tried the real things!

I guess I shouldn't really call them bangers, but sausages, it'd be highly inefficient to call them bangers and ze Germanz wouldn't like that. And to be fair, there are a few things the Germans do well; beer, sausages and bretzels are amongst them. Whilst on the topic of things the Germans do well, they also appear to be pretty good at making cars seem not quite so bad for the environment, and hey, they make really good cars too. Naughty emissions cheats though.

Right - so you've got the drift by now? Drink German beer, eat German things and listen to German music. Right here in Muscat at the InterContinental from Thursday 27th October until Friday the 4th of November - starting at 7pm and ending at 11pm on weekdays and 11:45pm on the weekend days.

The pricing is as follows:

Weekdays package: 16 OMR (Saturday till Wednesday)
   Food: 8 OMR
   Beverage: 8 OMR
Weekend package: 20 OMR (Thursday & Friday)
   Food: 8 OMR
   Beverage: 12 OMR
Kids package: 8 OMR (Throughout the event)
  Food: 4 OMR
  Beverage : 4 OMR

You can get more information or book by calling +968 2468 0627 or emailing

Now you know!

le fin.


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