Copper Restaurant opens tomorrow

Tomorrow morning from 8am (until 11pm) Muscat's newest restaurant, Copper, opens it's doors to customers for the first time. Copper is located in Qurum on the road to PDO. It's in the same building at mOre Cafe and Chez Sushi.

I found myself in the restaurant a few weeks or so ago because I was checking out TOTEM, which is built into the restaurant. I blogged about it at the time.

Anyway, I can say that from the decor - which is industrial with a touch of barn (I'm not very good at descriptive writing) and the big motorbikes on display, and the pretty funky uniforms of the serving staff, things look good. I've been told that the first 50 customers will get a free coffee with their main meal too. Who doesn't like free?! 

I've not tasted their food yet, but friends that have, have said its all really good. I'd say it's well worth a visit just to check out the decor, and to see the new TOTEM shop, which is awesome. You can check out Copper's facebook page and Instagram too. Here's a map to their location.

le fin.

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