Cheaper flights to Europe and North America

I'm in a good mood today. It's that time of year where I go through the process of paying a fortune to fly the family back to Canada for the summer, with me joining them after a spell in the ADS (Abandoned Dad's Society). I booked and paid for my flights last week, and now some days later after the horror of spending so much money, I can now revel in the knowledge that I'm going on vacation this summer!

My particular area of experience is on flights between Muscat and London, and Muscat and Toronto, as these are the two routes I typically fly each year. I'm quite jealous of those here who's flights are paid for by their employers (as opposed to people like me who get a monthly travel allowance which doesn't always cover peak travel time flights) because basically at Christmas and Eid times I can rarely afford the inflated fares.

Anyway I digress. RO 356 return including the taxes is what I just paid for The Boss to head back to Toronto for the summer. To travel on the same dates with Emirates, for example, the cost is RO 795. Throw in 2 more kids seats and it starts to get prohibitively expensive. Coincidentially when I first moved to Muscat, a return flight to Toronto (in 2007, before Etihad started going there) was around RO 450, then in 2008-2010 when Etihad was flying there a return flight was around RO 400. In recent years I've paid as much as RO 650 for a return flight there. So RO 356 from Air France KLM is a pretty sweet deal.

My point being is that if you are currently shopping for your summer holiday flights, you might really want to check out these deals from Air France KLM, because if they're this good for the Toronto destination, they might be pretty good for their other posted destinations too. It's on until the 27th of April, but they might extend it (they already did once).

I want to point out here that I'm sharing this because I think it's a great deal, and it saved me a ton of money, I've not been paid by Air France KLM (or had any special treatment) for posting this.

le fin.
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  1. Sigh. For some reason Toronto is cheaper (by ... 150+) than flying to Montreal. Bought mine on KLM for 532 in July.

  2. Thanks, Freddy! Sythe's blog posting and your conveying it to us on FB are most appreciated. Was hopeful that all the additional flights to Canada and to nearby points (such as Seattle for those of us heading to Vancouver, Victoria and so on) would mean less pricey fares but so far haven't seen much that's encouraging, until now. The KLM option seems well worth considering. Do note, though, that I saw a British Airways offer to Vancouver at RO 447 vs KLM's RO 446 (that's for travel Sep 11) so other Euro carriers seems to dropping fares too.

  3. Shame no airlines do offers for travelling east- Hong Kong, Tokyo etc.

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  5. Thanks for this;)

    I want to go back in December for Christmas holidays... never can afford it with kids though....

  6. Its amazing this summer the British airways /American airlines fares to the USA has some great deals too Chicago at omani rials 330 and dallas at 350.
    Dont know how long its going to last but grab it whilst you can i say. :)


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