Heather & Sarah are going for a walk

Local blogger Heather, of The Duncan Adventures, and Sarah a newly qualified fitness instructor, and co-adventurer of Heather's are going for a walk in July up the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Now a few fast facts about Mount Kilimanjaro:

It's the highest mountain in Africa
It's the highest free-standing mountain in the world (eg it's not part of a mountain range)
It's peak is 5,985m high (above sea level) (Everest is 8,848m)
It's made up of three Volcano's, two extinct and one dormant
It's located in Northern Tanzania near to the border with Kenya
People on the fast ascent route typically take 4-5 days to reach the summit

Heather and Sarah have paid for their trip themselves, and they're not asking you for support to do it. But they are asking that if you are feeling a little generous, you could donate to their Go Fund Me page which will donate 100% of the proceeds towards stray animals of Muscat and an established Trap-Neuter-Return program which helps to humanely control the stray animal population.

Darren over at Hi FM has recently being playing with Live Streams on Facebook, and has a Live Stream scheduled from their studio this afternoon at 1pm and will be featuring the girl's who will be there to talk about their little jaunt up the hill in July. All you need to do to watch the stream is to be logged in to facebook and head to the Hi FM page and click the live stream when you see it... at 1pm.

You can follow Heather & Sarah via Heather's facebook, Instagram and website, and don't forget... feel very free to donate to their fund raiser for the stray animals of Muscat.

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