Wednesday, March 04, 2015

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to announce some winners! First up is the winner for 2 Wednesday Roast lunches at mOre cafe.

"Lasty" was selected as the winner and was emailed yesterday with the news. We're still waiting for a response from this person, so we'll give them until tomorrow, and if they don't reply we'll pick a different winner!

The lunch deal is a pretty good one, it runs every Wednesday between Noon and 3pm, for RO 7.5 you get:

Chef's soup, A roasted meat dish (beef, chicken or lamb), roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, roasted vegetables, home made gravy, a pasta dish, 3 different salads and ice cream.

Later today I'll be announcing the winners of Drake and Michael Bublé...

le fin.


Divia said...

So who won?

Sythe said...

Divia - "Lasty" did:

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