Tour of Oman starts this Tuesday

Coming up this week is the next instalment of the increasingly popular Tour of Oman bike race. Which means we'll have some traffic re-directions at certain times in the coming days, and also something to watch on the telly that's all about Oman :)

The tour is split over 6 days, starting this Tuesday 17th February and concluding on Sunday 22nd February down in Muttrah. Below are the route maps for the 6 stages so if you wanted, you could go and watch the race... or avoid any traffic drama

Day 1 - Tuesday 17th, Bayt Al Naman Castle - Al Wutayyah - 161KM

Day 2 - Wednesday 18th, Al Hazm Castle - Al Bustan - 195.5KM

Day 3 - Thursday 19th, Al Mussanah Millennium Resort start and finish - 158.5KM

Day 4 - Friday 20th, Sultan Qaboos Grande Mosque - Jebel Akdhar - 189KM

Day 5 - Saturday 21st, Al Sawadi Beach - Ministry of Housing, Wizarat - 151.5KM

Day 6 - Sunday 22nd, Oman Air building by the airport - Muttrah Corniche - 133.5KM

Over the last few years the Tour has gotten quite big, with a lot of big teams taking part in the tour and I think the Tour of Oman has become a pretty big "pre-season" tour thats taken seriously. This is the 6th year in a row the Tour has been held here and it's good to see. Unfortunately the Tour of Oman website is littered with dead-links, missing or out-dated information and media broadcast partners have, remarkably, still not yet been announced. It's a good bet that the coverage will be on Oman TV and probably beIN sports too.

Anyway, have a good week, and watch out for the peloton.

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Tour of Oman starts this Tuesday Tour of Oman starts this Tuesday Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. This is the true sporting success story for Oman. When it was first announced I think a lot of people presumed it would be a seismic failure in-line with pretty much everything else organised here but the nay-sayers have been proved wrong.
    It's great to have a truly international event that isn't trying to flog Omani involvement when there is none and to focus on what is a great event for the promotion of the country and one which is organically inspiring people to get on a bike.
    It would be great to see an Omani rider take part in the next 5-10 years though.
    Good job from the organisers and the usual negligent rubbish from the local entities that can't even maintain a website.

  2. A good event for sure....
    Is there any information to be had in advance about timings of road closures?


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