Have you got water yet?

Just a little one for this morning - it seems a lot of people are still without water in their homes, even though it's been reported that the water pipe upgrade was completed yesterday, with lots of people getting water back last night.

It appears that a number of people in Ruwi/Wadi Kabir/Hamiryah still don't have water back yet, something to do with water pressure being low. There's even people in Shatti and MQ who've been complaining this morning of not getting any water back yet.

I understand that some people might be suffering from air-gaps in their pipework and that it needs to be flushed out... or something. Fortunately for me in Ghubra with a desalination plant a few hundred meters away I was spared the great drought this weekend!

Do you have any tips for clearing air-locks in your pipes? Or on who to call to help?

le fin.

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