An unfortunate name?

Last night I was at the airport waiting for some visitors to arrive, and I was looking at facebook killing time and I saw this visual treat from the Oman Air facebook page. Apparently Oman Air have been running a competition recently on their FB page for one nights stay at the Shang (including the buffet breakfast - very important that)!

And the winner is called D Am Wank. Now that's a power name.


More soon.

le fin.
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Eilike Toolickpussy said...

Unfortunate to say the least. I went back to the UK a couple of years ago to a conference, and there was an attendee from Hong Kong. He was a lovely fella, with a great sense of humour. His name...

Sammy Wan Kin-Man

He said it was great when he meets people as most don't know what to say :)

Anonymous said...

And then there is (honestly!) the lovely town of Fucking near Salzburg in Austria

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