How to get an Omani birth certificate

Recently I had my second child born here in Oman, and I thought I'd record the process for getting the Omani birth certificate here so anyone googling for it might find it.

Essentially, you need the following documentation in order to get your child's birth certificate:

1. Your passport & resident card (and copies)
2. Your partners passport & resident card (and copies)
3. The letter from the hospital notifying for the birth (keep a copy for yourself as they will keep this)
4. Your marriage certificate, attested (and a copy) (it HAS to be attested by Oman ministry of foreign affairs by the way)
5. A credit card.

Now, I can only record my experience of what to do here in Muscat, I've no idea what you'd do if elsewhere in Oman, so sorry about that! Here in Muscat, once you've got all those documents together head to the Seeb ROP compound (Directorate General of Civil Status) where you got your resident card from. Go into the main building (same place as for the resident cards) and go to the reception and say you want to get a birth certificate.

The officer will check your documents, stamp that he's seen the original documents on the copies and will give you a ticket with a waiting number on it, once you've got your ticket you will go to the RIGHT hand side waiting hall. The birth certificates are handled by different staff than the resident card people, so even if the place is heaving with expats waiting for their resident cards, you won't wait more than half an hour or so.

Once your number is called, head into the office and hand over the documents to the officer. They will print a draft for the birth certificate out which you need to check very carefully - for example, my name is Peter Piper Pan, and they default to the given name of your child, and then "Piper Pan" from my name - which at least for me and my culture, is not how we do names - so check it. Once you're ok with it, they will print two certificates (one English one Arabic), apply a protective film to them and hand them to you - job done. Takes about 5 minutes.

The charge for the birth certificate is RO 3. You used to be able to pay extra and get extra copies of the birth certificates (my first born I have 3 Arabic and 3 English copies for example) but they've changed the rules now and you only get 1 English and 1 Arabic version.

le fin.
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  1. Thank you for the information! I am finding it a bit overwhelming preparing to have a baby in Oman, so any detailed instructions are so great to find. Can you elaborate on how you got your marriage license attested by the ministry of foreign affairs? Thx!

  2. That's interesting. I've been in Oman for 9 years with my family but haven't had a birth here. However, when we lived in Indonesia in the 1990's and our daughter was born in Surabaya, we were not, that I'm aware of, issued an Indonesian birth certificate. Instead, the hospital birth details were sent to the British Embassy and we soon received a British birth certificate. Under Indonesian law, a child born of expat parents adopt the nationality of the father automatically. We also soon applied for and received her own first British passport (not a named addition to my passport). Does that mean your baby has dual nationality with Oman, or is the birth certificate procedural ?

  3. Procedural, I needed to prove the baby was born to the UK in order to get their citizenship, same for Canada, my kids are dual Canadian-British citizens, born in Oman with Omani birth certificates.

  4. There are many considerations when requesting adoption and birth certificate information. This information can vary greatly by state.

  5. Very helpful, thank you. I will add my own experience (in Sohar): I only needed one set of photocopy for the ROP to keep. Our marriage certificate was apostilled in our home country during the work visa process, and that was acceptable (a colleague from a different country had the same experience - in fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to attest it since it was already apostilled).

  6. I lost my baby's birth certificate so now can I get new certificate in English version

  7. i am trying to get a copy of my daughters birth certificate , born 1992 in oman , can anyone point me in the right direction .... tia


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