Back 2 Business event next week

Next week on the 20th January at the Grand Hyatt outside in the gardens is the Back 2 Business event that a friend of mine is organizing. Last year over 450 people attended and this is the 2nd year the event has run and it's selling well. Tickets are RO 25 (or RO 30 on the night if you just show up) and it really is a great way to meet all sorts of different people in business here in Oman.

You can purchase tickets from the Grand Hyatt's front desk any day between 9 and 5, or just show up at the event and pay the extra price. It was really good last year and lots of people that I know went enjoyed it a lot, as well as made some new contacts too. This year I understand that there are a number of prizes to be won as well - 2 business class flights with Swiss airways and a couple of weekend stays at the Hyatt too along with a few more prizes as well.

There is a website here with some more information should you be interested.

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